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Hazards In Aviation
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Injuries in Aviation following Covid-19 vaccination are occurring and data is not being vigilantly collected or reported. We have a growing list of anecdotal post vaccination injury reports from staff across the airline industry. One of the most worrying is flight deck crew failing to disclose medically significant conditions for fear of loss of license.

From our privacy reporting link, we are now aware of pilots who have suffered or who continue to experience cardiac related conditions, such as arrhythmia as well as Tachycardia. One triathlete suffered a heart attack and died while swim training following his second dose of vaccine.


Our urgent safety request is that CASA implement an urgent Cardiac Screening program, at low atmospheric conditions for cruise cabin altitude and depressurised from cruise levels on all flight deck and cabin crew irrespective of age.

View Australian Government TGA
Database of Adverse Events Notifications

Discover the growing list of adverse events reported

following Covid-19 vaccination.

How to search Covid-19 vaccine adverse events:

1. Select Medicines - simply type 'COVID' and select each Covid-19 vaccine brand individually. (Five total)

2. Select date range -  Select date range January 1, 1971 to the latest day and month available for 2022.

3. Click the 'Search' button.

Report Aviation Employee Injury following Covid-19 Vaccine Anonymously

You can report medical concerns privately, confidentially or anonymously to

If you know of pilots dealing with Adverse vaccine reactions that may impact Passenger Air Safety, report them confidentially to Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). It doesn't need to be something involving you directly.


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