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"You have to Pay to Get an education."
All of our colleagues in the Mag24
Have had to take a settlement: 
Details Below.


The "Magnificent Qantas 24" started out as a group of 24 Qantas and Jetstar Airline Staff. 

This case has been discontinued, full details below.


The original Magnificent24 was whittled down in the early days to a core 16 participants mid 2022. The case was proceeding under Lawyer Rob Grealey at ALP Australian Law Partners. There were two major setbacks, the first was the failure to obtain an injunction to pause the terminations. The second a late filing of paperwork, leading to a delay at a case management hearing, resulting in the airline staff being slugged with a costs order.

By mid 2022 the Magnificent24 was now 16 (pilots, engineers, flight attendants and ground staff. The group were in no rush to proceed for a court date as evidence was mounting against the airlines. In July Rob Grealy left ALP for a new firm JKR Lawyers. The reason given to the group was that this would avail Rob and Lisa (his assistant) more resources for case preparation. 

In the mean time the reluctant front man, Fired Jetstar pilot, Alan Dana found a new talent for public speaking and media appearances, to publicise the case and raise funds for the fight and to attract other staff to join the legal action.


Alan appeared on Tv, Sky News Australia with Rowan Dean, four times a half dozen times on TNT Live radio and many international podcasts. Truth for Health USA with Dr Lee Vilet, UK, DR Tess Laurie's Covid Health Alliance, Aussie Alt News Maria Zeee, Graham Hood's youtube channel. Jeremy Nell's Jerm Warfare, Maajid Nawaz RADICAL show and other. It was a massive effort. Aussie Freedom Flyers and the Magnificent 24 made great contacts with Senators, Malcom Roberts, Pauline Hanson, Gerrard Rennick, Mp's Craig Kelly, George Christensen, Alex Antic, Euro MP's, Christine Andersen and Rob Roos.

The effort was monumental and proved fruitful, for a while. To everyone donating the Magnificent 24 can't tell you how grateful they are. On their behalf, Thank You. 

The media efforts brought forward a further 43 Qantas group staff, who we were led to believe they would be joining the action to lend weight to the complaint and to share the daunting costs for moving the case to court.

By the end of 2022, evidence was mounting that countered the lawful and reasonableness claims of the company and their policy, as well as the detrimental effect the vaccination program was having on injected staff recipients.

The December 2021 and early 2022, staff sickness levels in a 100% vaccinated workforce, was off the scale, the airlines schedules were in tatters. Safe and Effective! 


Anecdotal reports were being received by AFF of crew medical events in-flight. Senator Malcom Roberts started investigation and questioning CASA, (Australia's Aviation Safety Regulator) asking how they actually complied with their remit and evaluated the novel new type medication for Aero-Medical effects. They did nothing except rubber stamp the TGA's provisional approval and the TGA, in turn rubber-stamped Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zenica's own Safety studies, without and scrutiny.

This mounting evidence needed to be included in the Magnificent24 case. FOI Freedom of Information requests from government departments were revealing Qantas corporate communications that suggested collusion.


An expected win in Federal Court, would set a precedent for the entire country. Now that Qantas has lost their High Court Appeal, and the fact that the airline has lost the support of staff and public, the judiciary are more inclined to find against the company in any future case. Video

In April 2023 Qantas offered an out of court settlement - This was unanimously rejected by the 16 staff and a robust letter was sent to Qantas outlining their malfeasance creating the matter and some of the evidence coming to light making the staff case stronger. 

The group were buoyed and feeling confident.

Three weeks later a letter was received by the 16 staff from Justin, JKR law Principal Lawyer, which could have been written by Qantas themselves.


The bombshell was that the 40 staff who were forming the second group with the intention of joining the action in motion, would Not now be joining. The Mag24 had be let to believe for almost a year that this would be the case. This was a shock.


The Law firm of our own lawyer were trying to instil a level of fear about the case proceeding and the risk of adverse costs, which could lead to loss of homes and any assets. It appeared to the staff in the case, that maybe, there was a coffee shop meeting or a WhatsApp chat, between the two law firms, to manipulate and convince the staff to discontinue of their own accord. In essence, make the case go away via intimidation. There is no evidence of this, however it stinks to high heaven. As the old saying goes, ...if it looks like a duck...

Repeated communications with the lawyer handling the case, Rob Grealy went unanswered, it appeared that he was avoiding the group. Basically what the heck was going on. 

It was clear by now the JKR law firm were actually the ones who wanted out of the case, and that they were not supportive of the groups action. One could say this realisation was a little late in the day. The trial date was set for September 4th 2023.

Justin, the partner was now steering the ship, Rob Grealy, case lawyer was now AWOL, and the team decided that a settlement to discontinue was the only way to mitigate risk of going into court with representation that were not On-Side.

By the 25th May, 11 of the 16 staff had begrudgingly accepted the insulting offer and walked away. 5 brave staff however, told Qantas to get stuffed and fired JKR for mis-representation. 

Led by the dynamo, Maria, a 24 year former loyal employee, decided not only had they been let down by their employer, they had also been let down by the Legal profession. The only way to get any justice now would be to Self-Represent - a daunting task. The small group held their own with filing paperwork and participating in Interlocutory hearings. As the trial date approached some assistance was needed and the team asked retired lawyer Spiros to assist. It was the teams understanding that as Spiros was no longer licensed, an enduring power of attorney would allow him to act as the applicants in any capacity, so in essence he would be the staff member, in the legal sense and as he was not being paid, he wouldn't be "Practicing Law".


Qantas of course objected and pleaded with the judge not to allow this individual to act under a power of attorney,  they clearly felt threatened. They were successful in convincing the judge that Spiros was practicing law, which was clearly false as a valid Power of Attorney was in place, The judge applied Queensland Law - individuals cannot act as a lawyer without a licence. This is unusual as this was Federal court. The court would prefer the 5 staff members represent themselves as themselves.

The group could see the writing was on the wall, they indicated to the judge that they were still open to a genuine offer and mediation. The judge ordered qantas to mediate in good faith and an out of court settlement was reached, which included a Gag order and No further action against Qantas.

The 40 Staff, who were set to join the action with the Mag24 - fired JKR law and demanded a refund of deposits paid. 

35 of this group is joining the 15 Jetstar and Virgin staff in an action with Tony Nicolic at AFL Law - This is now the Fab50 - all  AFF efforts will go in assisting them in their case next year. 

Any mandate challenge is truly a case of National Significance.

Mag 24 Filed Court Papers and Order Link

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