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WIN for All Australians

Who are the 
Magnificent Qantas24?

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Group Court Action

The "Magnificent Qantas 24" was a group of 24 Airline Staff, Now numbering 60!!  These staff were brave enough to stand up for basic workplace rights and Freedom to Choose.  These employees recognised that the corporate mandates, pushed at Qantas and Jetstar, were operating out of their lane of expertise and were a clear breach of their employment EBA contracts, AND the fact that NO medical personnel are legally allowed to administer a medicine if there is any evidence of coercion, manipulation or undue pressure. The policy of the Qantas group clearly stated - No Jab No Job, this is the definition of coercion.  All have now been terminated and egregiously accused of "Serious Misconduct" for deciding they didn't want to take the risk of the injection. 


An expected win in Federal Court, will set a precedent for the entire country.

 This truly is a case of National Significance.

A Directions hearing was held on the 12th July 2022. We are now in the submissions of evidence phase to support our claims against Qantas.

Filed Court Action Link

These airline staff are fighting for individual freedom, workplace rights, work health safety, medical privacy, human rights, and for the rights of every Australian man, woman, and child. Challenging the QANTAS mandates in the Federal Court is a battle of David and Goliath proportions. Their battle is our battle, they need your help.​ 

We need these disgusting mandates to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Support them by

Donating any amount you like or the cost of a cup of coffee today.

details below

A Large second group of Qantas Group staff who have been terminated in the same manner as the Magnificent QF24.

To Join the Fight Back


Support The Fight

Domestic Bank Transfer

Account Name: Alan Dana & Anna-Maria Meli

Bank:  ANZ

Branch:  275 George Street

BSB:  014538

Account Number:  644478739

Reference as QANTAS

Contribute the cost of a coffee to help fight Federal Court Action

Support the fight to
End the Mandates

Community support is vital.

Here is our Legal Team Trust Account Bank Details, raising funds for our case will allow our case to go all the way through to Federal Court and battle the illegal corporate mandates.

A win here will see an end to Mandates in any Business, like CBA, Suncorp, Woolies and Coles.

Simply contributing the cost of a cup of coffee, can support your workplace rights, and your right to travel on our aircraft safely.

Contribute Now

All funds go to Australian Law Partners Pty Ltd,

Law Practice Trust Account via joint account of two of the

staff named in the Court Action, Alan Dana &

Anna-Maria Meli.

Domestic Bank Transfer

Account Name: Alan Dana & Anna-Maria Meli

Bank:  ANZ

Branch:  275 George Street

BSB:  014538

Account Number:  644478739

Reference as QANTAS


International Bank Transfer

ANZ Bank Swift Code...


Branch Address > Cairns Central  Shopping Centre 41,

1-21 McLeod St, Cairns QLD 4870

BSB 014538      Acc 644478739


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