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Airline Staff

Aircrew and Ground crew from all Aussie aviation companies are welcome.

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The pandemic and the response to the pandemic have been incredibly destructive in all areas of our lives not just our employment.

When airlines in Australia mandated the vaccinations, our colleagues were split into three camps.

  • Some of you will have taken your shots entirely voluntarily, your willingness was in line with the mandate so this became your choice, which you are free to do. 

  • Some of you would have been indifferent to the mandate and didn't have any feelings either way. You were told to get your shots, no big deal, this then became your choice, which you are free to do.

  • Some of you would have had questions and concerns, when your questions weren't answered your concerns were not laid to rest. the deadline approached and the threat of termination which is in the text of the policy looked like a possibility many of you gave in and took the jab in order to protect your income and in many cases protect your families. You took the jabs against your will and feel coerced. 

  • A small cohort resisted totally and the company machinery was churned under the pretext of discipline and ultimately ended in termination and the defamatory, false charge of Serious Misconduct - usually the preserve of Theft, Assault, Sexual assault, and deliberate safety violations. This charge for making an informed choice not to be injected with an irreversible medical procedure - the effects of which would be unknown to the individual.

Whichever of the groups you fall into - this has been done to us along with all the other restrictions and infringements of our freedoms and liberty.

We can only make good decisions based on facts - there has been much misinformation on both sides of the argument. We can use and need facts - Qantas Intelex and Jetstar Oscars - any medical event onboard, in particular involving crew needs to be exposed.

Confidential Information - Air-Leaks

If you, in your normal course of work have information that you think should be exposed - Aussie freedom flyers have access to lawyers and politicians who can use valuable information to make management liable for what they do in a business. Email

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